Car Barker Ads, Dealership Branding and Advertising [VIDEO]

Paul J Daly, AutoConverse ON AIR - Car Barker Ads

This is a preview of our conversation about ‘Car Barker Ads’ with Paul J Daly from the Dealers Compressed Podcast. It was recorded in July 2018 on the Live Weekly Broadcast – AutoConverse ON AIR.

For the complete conversation, visit the AutoConverse Podcast titled, Auto Retail Branding and Advertising with the Kid from Philly.

Daly, aka the “Kid from Philly,” recently sold his first business, Image Auto, to Dent Wizard. He did this so that he could shift focus onto his second business, a creative marketing agency called Congruent Story.

Paul also launched the Dealers Compressed Podcast earlier this year, his first.

In our conversation, we analyze a recent Carvana ad called “That Didn’t Suck” and discuss its significance to the auto retail industry.

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Car Barker Ads Won’t Change the Car Buying Process

There is little to any argument that the car buying process isn’t wrought with friction. So, if you want to appeal to consumers’ changing demands, why not improve the car buying process?

Most would agree that consumers’ needs and interests are changing. One thing people are expecting more of is C-O-N-V-I-E-N-C-E. We see this wherever we look. From online shopping with Amazon, ride sharing, and having food orders and groceries delivered.

Now, improving the car buying process is a tall order. But we have to start somewhere. And part of that process is in the messaging. Carvana understands this. Can Carvana provide a car buying process that doesn’t suck, profitably? That’s another story. But they can say they do.

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