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Brian Allan, HyreCar on AutoConverse

Do you find it ironic when industry pundits forecast the demise of the franchised and independent dealer system because of the new shared economy? Auto dealers, some would argue, might actually be in the best position to serve the on-demand and shared-vehicle sectors, and do so profitably.

In fact, according to a recent article on Automotive News by Andrew Stowe, ride-hailing could potentially offset the decline in car sales. Dealers are the lowest cost producer to serve these emerging transportation models. And they already have the infrastructure for it with little to no additional capital investment.

Furthermore, dealers can profit from the on-demand ecosystem with incremental finance, sales, parts, service and rental revenue. These new income streams can “insulate dealers from the trending shifts in vehicle consumption and reinforce the relevance of dealers,” says Brian Allan, SVP of HyreCar, a carsharing marketplace for ridesharing that was created to leverage technology and establish a presence in automotive asset sharing.

Conversation with Brian Allan from HyreCar

To talk with us about these emerging trends we welcome Mr. Allan himself. Brian joins us with more than 40 years of experience in the auto industry, most of which was spent on the retail side, and most recently in the shared economies sector as SVP of HyreCar.

Allan has been on a PR spree this past year educating and enlightening the converging automotive, mobility, and shared economies industries, and we are delighted to welcome him to the show.

Wednesday September 11th at 2 pm Central (US & Canada)

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