California Winery Gets Electric Vehicle Charging Service

California winery to get an electric vehicle recharging station

California winery to get an electric vehicle recharging stationElectric vehicle technology is on the march. A company called Car Charging Group is adding an electric vehicle charging station to a winery in Northern California.

We’ve discussed California’s plans to add 10,000 electric vehicle charging stations across the state. The Car Charging Group doesn’t appear to be a part of that effort, but they could be instrumental in getting electric vehicle charging stations in other parts of the country.

In fact, the group has added recharging stations in Texas, Florida, Maryland and other places.

They’ve got a deal going for property owners. They will pay for all of the installation and maintenance of the recharging stations and share the revenue with the property owners. That’s likely how the St. Jorge Winery got to have its own charging station for EVs.

With services like this, electric vehicles are sure to grow in popularity. That effort will grow in California in particular. But it’s also growing in other parts of the country.

The Car Charging Group’s recharging stations provide 240 volts and 32 amps of power that quickly recharge an electric vehicle’s battery so the driver can continue driving. The company has a map of recharging stations on its website and a mobile application allows electric vehicle drivers to find recharging stations on the go.

Is there any doubt that electrically powered vehicles are here to stay?