Used Cars: Don’t Get Ripped Off, Get A Bargain!

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If car owners could ask for one thing, it would probably be for an easy and legitimate way to buy a used car. The used car buying process is remarkably complex and full of stress. How are you supposed to tell when you are getting ripped off and when you are getting a good deal? The two are hard to distinguish, and you will never fully be able to tell so buying used cars is always a risk. Still, there are one or two safety precautions you can take. And, unlike buying a used car, they are simple and hassle-free!

Do Your Research

If you have spent the last few days trolling the Internet for advice, you will have come across this tip time and again. Personally, I would love to be able to tell you something different because even I am getting sick of telling people over and over. I am like a broken record! But, until there is some remarkable breakthrough, research is your best friend. Research the dealer and the car for the best deals. Check the dealer’s record and see how satisfied customers were with the service, and check out the car’s fuel consumption and safety ratings.

Ask For Certification

Legitimate used car dealers will have all the necessary paperwork and documentation to complete the used car buying process. When a car is traded in, the owner has to provide this information to show the buyer they are not getting ripped off. If a dealer tells you they don’t have the documentation, alarm bells should start to ring. Either they took a chance and they are unprofessional, or they are lying because they are trying to sell it as something it is not. Regardless, you don’t want to buy a used car from that dealership.

Choose The Right Seller

There are a lot of options on the used car market, and it can be hard to make a decision on the right seller for you. Keep in mind what is best for you individually and go with a seller you can trust. You might prefer to use Internet sellers, for instance you can browse used cars online at You should also be able to browse used cars on your mobile device. Sites with an extensive list of used cars for sale can help make finding the right one for you less difficult. Or, you might prefer a private seller because you want to look at the car before you make the purchase. Some brave souls even like to buy from auctions because they are more concerned with the price than the quality.

Be Suspicious

Being suspicious is not a bad thing. Don’t let the stigma of used car dealers allow you to feel sorry for them and then make a mistake you could easily avoid. Trust me; they are doing just fine! Suspicion is necessary because of the risk involved. If alarm bells do go off, you need to think twice about the car. Suspicion is nature’s way of stopping you from making a big mistake.


On the whole, you won’t be dealing with huge dealerships. One of the great things about that is the fact you don’t have to pay retail prices. Private sellers will have a figure in mind where they will sell. You just have to find that figure.


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