Fun Tesla Features You Might Not Know About

Fun Tesla Features You Might Not Know About

Check out these fun Tesla features you might not know about to learn all the ways that Elon is making his brand stand apart from the rest.


Most people are aware of this feature by now, but it is still so crazy that it needs to get mentioned. Teslas have an autopilot mode. If you’re on a highway, you can take your hands off the steering wheel, and it will keep going in the same direction. That just sounds like it is science fiction.

Bioweapon Defense Mode

Teslas are also excellent vehicles if you consider yourself a doomsday prepper. Why? Because Teslas come equipped with high-quality air filters that protect the cab from toxins in the outside air. Practically, this feature is great if you have allergies because it prevents pollen and dust from getting in your car’s air.

Ludicrous Plus Mode

You’ve probably heard about how a Tesla can go from 0 to 60 at racecar level pace. That’s because of the ludicrous mode that allows cars to reach 60 mph in 2.5 seconds. However, eager to outdo themselves, in 2017, they introduced ludicrous plus can accelerate to 60 mph in 2.3 seconds. Wow, that’s fast!

Easter Eggs

Musk’s love for video games shows through with a Tesla’s easter eggs. Hidden within the functions of your touch screen are different fun gags and features that only serve to make you giggle. Within the “Toy Box,” one easter egg can turn your car into a giant fart machine. You can make your map look like Rainbow Road from Mario Kart. Or, if you type “007” into the search bar of a Model S, James Bond’s Lotus Esprit appears on the screen. Also, another feature turns the cab into a karaoke machine when parked. There are even more easter eggs if you can find them.


Along with the at-home Tesla wall charger, you can plug your vehicle in at any one of the over 25,000 supercharging stations. Some electric manufacturers are starting to roll out something similar, but the Tesla superchargers have been around since the beginning. These ports allow you to charge a model at a rate of 200 miles per 15 minutes. With the help of these machines, it’s possible to make long trips in a Tesla.

After learning these few fun Tesla features you might not know about, you should be a more informed car buyer.