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Chris Vester on the Auto Shopper Journey

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Same Ole Auto Shopper Journey

Despite all the talk and new technology, the auto shopper journey today is not much different from how it was in the yesteryears. Yes we do more of the research and shopping online. But the actual purchase transaction and delivery is, for the most part, relatively the same.

The reasons why this is may vary depending on who you talk with, and some would argue this is not the case. Some believe that today’s website widgets, often referred to as Digital Retailing software, offer car buyers a better experience. One that is more efficient and convenient. But are they?

Christopher Vester doesn’t think so. And he isn’t standing by idly waiting for others to transform the car buying experience. Vester, as you will hear in my conversation with him wants to “change how the car business works” by placing true transparency in the auto shopper journey.

This post features two videos taken from our interview with Chris Vester, the COO of Hubert Auto Group, recorded in August 2018 during our live weekly broadcastAutoConversion ON AIR.

Show Excerpt

As the name implies, Vester is family. But a long history in the business doesn’t mean Vester is tied to old ways of thinking. Vester believes that if you want to help both dealers and customers, you need to deliver something truly unique.

[I]f you want to help both dealers and customers, you need to deliver something truly unique.

Vester has more than two decades of experience across various positions in auto retail. This includes General Manager, Sales Manager, and Used Vehicle Acquisition. He has a deep understanding of the industry, and he brings a comprehensive view to the table. A View with insight that only comes after time.

True Transparency with Customers

As part of his mission, Vester has teamed up with a colleague, Tony Urrutia, to a create GoGoCar. It’s a platform that provides transparency for customers shopping a dealer. It also, according to Vester, offers dealers a better way to develop relationships with customers. He explains that much of the inspiration was born from “frustration of how people perceive car dealers and knowing that it can be better.”

GoGoCar has relationships with more than 1,300 banks and an army of wholesale dealers. For customers, that means they can control how their transaction is handled, beginning with their trade-in.

They can get a quick estimate based on industry standards or, with the help of GoGoCar, they can “take a few pictures and launch it into a network of about four hundred wholesalers.” That network of wholesalers promises the delivery of “a hard number back to the consumer of what their car is really worth in the real market.”

So clients get a firm offer, but what about dealers? “Dealers,” Vester tells us, “get first right of refusal to buy a car. […] You’ve got somebody else is willing to put a number on it and you’re not wasting a single man-hour appraising that car.”

Be sure to catch Chris Vester’s take on transparency in the car buying process, and the kind of leadership required to balance flexibility and adaptation with the core values that drive a successful dealership.

Also be sure to have a listen to Chris’ story about his first car – a 1972 Porsche 911.

First Car

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