Auto Mechanics Go Back To School

auto repairs and new technology

auto repairs and new technologyChanging technologies means professionals who work on cars have to update their training from time to time to meet the growing demand of electronic, hybrid, and other emerging vehicle technologies. That’s just a part of the challenge of being an auto mechanic.

New technology like regenerative braking, high voltage engines, and new fuel economy components require a special expertise that many older mechanics don’t have. Younger mechanics can get the training required to work on these technologies in their initial schooling, but a lot of older mechanics have to take time off work to update their skills.

It’s entirely feasible that some day auto mechanics will be completely electronic-based with mechanics specializing in particular aspects of service. For instance, a brake mechanic will have to be trained on brake diagnostics and repairing computerized braking systems.

As the automotive industry moves toward electric and hybrid vehicle classes, new auto mechanics will have to be trained in the workings of these particular types of engines, which are completely different from the Fords and Chevies of 20 years ago. Auto tune ups, fuel injection cleaning, and even belt maintenance are changing the way auto repairs are done.

Some day, your local auto mechanic will be an electrical wiring expert. Plain and simple.