Audi Joins iPhone Revolution

Following the recent trend to infuse vehicles with iPhone compatibility, Audi has announced its new Car Monitor application.

The application makes use of the OBD-II port in most Audis and utilizes the latest automotive technology to allow the vehicle to send real-time performance information to an iPhone.  Features include an engine RPM monitor and emissions and CO2 output info.

A new Audi website called Audi Labs will allow Audi owners to upload data obtained from the Car Monitor application.  This information can be shared with other Audi owners, demonstrating Audi’s interest in social media, a medium in which other automakers have also shown interest, including Jeep’s partnership with Foursquare.

The application will be available soon at the iTunes App Store, but no price, if any, has yet been determined, although many hope it will be free of charge.

According to David Taft, lead participants After-Sales Executive for Audi of America, “The technology is for owners of Audi vehicles in search of a satisfactory experience with their vehicle and the possibility of using the features of Apple’s iPhone appeal.”

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Stacey Jo
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