Are Solar Roadways The Future?

solar roadways could end global warmingHow do you solve the energy crisis and the transportation problem in one whack? An inventor named Scott Brusaw has the answer: Solar roadways.

Solar roadways involve taking scraps from landfills and converting it, along with other materials, into an infrastructure of roadways that are in essence made of glass and operate as solar panels. He’s already built a prototype.

If successful, the solar roadway project has long range implications in a number of areas practical to society including:

  • Reducing the garbage in the world’s landfills
  • Providing for a more efficient energy service that is capable of providing light and electricity, cable TV, Internet, and other amenities to every home connected to the grid
  • Elimination of our current telephone and electric wiring systems with all those ugly power lines
  • Forced migration from petroleum-based engineering (such as asphalt roads) to a system that can pay for itself
  • Provision for “hooking up” electric vehicles to be charged anywhere along the grid taking the nation off of fossil fuels completely and reducing the carbon footprint of every American
  • A reversal of global warming

So how soon could we see our first solar roadway? According to Brusaw, it could be within two years.

How’s that for a complete overhaul?