Apple Weighs In On Hands-Free Driving

remote control for handheld and in-dash technological gadgets

remote control for handheld and in-dash technological gadgetsAs more and more state and local governments pass laws that administer penalties for auto drivers who cause accidents when fiddling with their gadgets and as more and more drivers continue to use the gadgets that are installed in their vehicles and that they carry in with them, Apple, one of the manufacturers of said gadgets, is making hands-free driving easier.

The technology company has been granted a patent for a new steering wheel remote control device for handheld gadgets. With the device drivers can control the music they listen to while driving as well as control other devices such as iPads and iPhones.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology, vehicle in-dash gadgets can interact with driver handheld gadgets. Drivers who are distracted by the gadgets are a danger to themselves and others. Apple’s goal is to make driving more safe by giving drivers a hands-free option for controlling the gadgets they can’t resist.

The remote control uses clamped feet to attach to the driver’s steering wheel while driving. That will put the remote control at any driver’s fingertips so that their hands can remain on the steering while driving.

The only question that remains is, Will drivers pay for the remote control to keep themselves safer or will lawmakers make it a requirement? Only time will tell how Apple’s remote control will be integrated into driving habits.