AARP Recommends Auto Technology For Seniors

auto technology makes driving safer for senior drivers

auto technology makes driving safer for senior driversThe Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons (AARP) has highlighted several key automotive technologies that they consider important for senior drivers to embrace. These recommended auto technologies are important emerging auto technologies, many of which are being introduced by automakers and being embraced by mainstream auto drivers.

Twelve of the most important auto technologies being recommended for senior citizens by AARP include:

  1. Smart headlights
  2. Emergency response systems
  3. Rear camera and back up monitoring
  4. Blind spot warning technology
  5. Lane departure signals
  6. Vehicle stability control
  7. Parking assist
  8. Crash mitigation
  9. Drowsy driver alerts
  10. Rear cross traffic alerts
  11. Adaptive cruise control
  12. All wheel drive

Autoconverse has written about adaptive headlight technology and lane change monitoring technology before. Other technologies like all wheel drive and adaptive cruise control have been around for some time, so why is AARP all of a sudden recommending them?

In the case of all wheel drive technology, newer iterations allow the automobile to electronically send signals to the wheels that assist in better control over the vehicle, particularly in inclement weather.

As drivers grow older, their reflexes get slower. It’s not a slight on seniors. That’s just the way it is. Emerging technologies allow older drivers to compensate for these natural diminishing of driver skills and make driving safer for seniors in this critical period of their lives. Rather than fight the technology, it’s time for senior drivers to embrace it and make driving safer for everyone.