5 Signs Your Car’s Tie Rods Are Going Bad

5 Signs Your Car’s Tie Rods Are Going Bad

Your car’s suspension system relies on your tie rods, a vital element that many drivers have never heard of. So what is it, and why should you be concerned if they need repair?

Tie rods offer benefits in multiple industries, but their most common application is in our cars’ suspension; they connect the front two tires and are responsible for steering. When they’re functioning well, your car’s steering is responsive. But as they wear out, you’ll begin to hear odd sounds, and the steering will be less effective and may even fail.

Find out the signs your car’s tie rods are going bad to ensure you stay safe on the road!

Shaking and Noises

What are the first symptoms that your tie rods need repair or replacement? You’ll feel shaking or vibrations in your steering wheel. You might also hear some odd noises: clunking and rattling are common when you make turns.

Loose Steering

Unresponsive steering is also a symptom of bad tie rods. If your steering has ever felt loose or you’ve noticed a delay after turning the wheel, worn tie rods or other suspension problems are most likely the culprit.

Bad Alignment

Tie rods are an essential component that helps your car steer and stay straight. When worn or damaged, your alignment will be off—meaning your car will continuously pull to one side. Driving with poor alignment is doable, but it can lead to fatigue from keeping the vehicle straight. It can also cause uneven tire wear.

Uneven Tire Wear

When your car’s suspension is working correctly, it distributes your vehicle’s weight evenly across all four tires. But if your rods are bad, your alignment will suffer, leading to unnecessary wear and tear on your tires that will require you to buy new tires sooner.

Road Obstacle

Have you recently hit a nasty pothole or collided with a curb? It’s a good idea to have your car looked at; the impact of hitting a pothole or curb can damage the tire rods and other suspension elements.

Be sure to have a mechanic look at it sooner rather than later. Neglecting a damaged or worn tire rod can cause the steering to fail in your vehicle.

Hopefully, these telltale signs your car’s tie rods are going bad can help you identify the problem early before it causes other issues.