10 In-Car Technologies To Be Thankful For

emerging automotive technologies

emerging automotive technologiesAutomotive technology just keeps getting better and better. Unless you are buying pre-owned vehicles, it is really difficult to a car today that isn’t equipped with digital technology. Virtually every new car on the road has some sort of digital technology, and it won’t be long before every vehicle driven will be full of such technology from wheelbase to wheelbase.

So which emerging auto technologies are the best ones? Here are 10 auto technologies you should be thankful for today and that you will definitely grow in love with by this time next decade.

  1. Bluetooth – With Bluetooth technology there is no reason to pick up your cell phone – ever.
  2. USB ports – Today’s USB ports support every kind of handheld technology that has a cable. Your passengers can listen to music, watch videos, or plug in their cell phone.
  3. Voice commands – From music to GPS navigation, you can turn on any device in your car just by talking.
  4. In-dash media streaming – I wouldn’t recommend watching a movie while you drive, but backseat passengers should be able to watch what they like. Then, there’s the music.
  5. Heads-up displays – Imagine looking out your windshield and seeing an arrow telling you which street to turn on. Yep, it’s coming.
  6. Physical controls – No, I’m not talking about manual overdrive. I’m talking about revolutionary technology like BMW’s iDrive.
  7. OnStar – Find any business or location using point-of-interest databases and GPS navigation, even if the business has recently moved.
  8. Rearview cameras – Call them rearview cameras or backup cameras, but they are now the backbone of digital delivery systems with multiple in-car technologies rolled into one.
  9. Portable GPS – Just put it up on your dash and you’ll have access to traffic reports, whether reports, Bluetooth, and loads of other data right at your fingertips in real time.
  10. Restaurant recommendations – Reserve your seat at your favorite restaurant, see Yelp reviews, and get loads of other information about area restaurants on the go, right from your dashboard.

Today’s automotive technology is taking auto driving to new levels. Which of these is your favorite technology?