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Carfax Introduces VIN iPhone App

Following in the wake of the iphone app, Carfax decides to introduce its own iPhone app so that car shoppers can scan and research VINs on the spot. How many times have you been…

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What’s That Car Term Mean?

Sometimes, drivers can get a little confused by the terminology that car salesmen and service centers use. CNET has an essential read on car terminology that no driver should miss. Here are some of the…

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Don’t Forget To Winterize Your Vehicle

One of the things that can easily make a young or inexperienced driver keel over real quick is the idea of ongoing vehicle maintenance. There are some things that the driver should do on a…

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Teen Driving Academy Sprouts In L.A.

The makers of Mercedes-Benz luxury vehicles have reasoned that since teenagers are involved in more accidents than adults, then they need more driver training. So, the auto manufacturer has started a driver training academy based…

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The 2012 Consumer Digest Best Automobile Buys

If you’re wondering which vehicles represent the best automotive buys for 2012, you can relax. The news is in. According to Consumer Digest, the following vehicles are the best automotive buys for 2012. Best Subcompacts…

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Ford Drivers, Stay In Your Lane

Drowsy Ford drivers now have a means of controlling their vehicle through technology. This could very well be the innovation of the year. It’s actually two pieces of technology, but we’ll call it two aspects…