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Ford Fusion fuel efficiency auto start-stop feature

Will You Pay More For Fuel Efficiency?

Ford Motor Company thinks you will. That’s why they’ve made an option for the best selling Ford Fusion to include an upgrade option in 2013 that will cost you $295 if you go for it….

automobile computer viruses

Can Your Automobile Get A Computer Virus?

With every good development there is a danger. Automobiles use the same digital technologies that computers use, specifically, Bluetooth and wireless cell phone technology. Because of this, it can be susceptible to the same types…

in-car technology and safe driving

Is In-Car Technology Safe Or Safety-Inhibiting?

Auto safety is no laughing matter. Everyone wants driving to be more safe, not less. But for months we’ve heard critics of in-car technology, particularly technology that allows drivers to fiddle with gadgets while they…

Ford Fusion is getting high value auto technology

Mid-Size Sedan Drivers Want Technology

At one time, high technology vehicle options like rear view camera systems, blind spot information systems, and rain sensing windshield wipers were high dollar options that only luxury vehicle drivers could afford. In other words,…

self-driving vehicles on Michigan roadways

Michigan Considers Self-Driving Vehicles

Consumers in Michigan may be one step closer to buying self-driving vehicles. In fact, auto buyers in all 50 states are getting one step closer every day. The Michigan Department of Transportation is conducting an…

Verizon 4G LTE in-dash technology could give auto consumers 24/7 mobile connectivity.

Verizon Pushing For 4G LTE Integration

Imagine driving down the road in your new automobile and being able to log online in your vehicle any time, anywhere – even if the engine is not on. If Verizon has its way, the…

Auto drivers have opted to keep driving older cars.

Drivers Are Sticking To Older Cars

What do drivers do when the economy goes south and they’re not willing to take on new debt? They drive older cars. New vehicle sales took a turn for the worse in 2009 as they…