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Ford Mustang debuts in 2012 Philippine auto market

2012 Auto Highlights In The Philippines

A look at some of the 2012 automotive highlights in the Philippines has some interesting roll outs. According to the Inquirer, here are 12 of the best auto announcements this year: The Ferrari and Maserati…

auto repairs and new technology

Auto Mechanics Go Back To School

Changing technologies means professionals who work on cars have to update their training from time to time to meet the growing demand of electronic, hybrid, and other emerging vehicle technologies. That’s just a part of…

Introducing the mobility internet

Creating The 21st Century Automobile

Authors William Mitchell, Christopher Borroni-Bird, and Lawrence Burns want to take the automobile to the next level in its evolutionary biology. In their minds that means creating a “mobility Internet” that operates much the same…

auto technology makes driving safer for senior drivers

AARP Recommends Auto Technology For Seniors

The Association for the Advancement of Retired Persons (AARP) has highlighted several key automotive technologies that they consider important for senior drivers to embrace. These recommended auto technologies are important emerging auto technologies, many of…

GPS and safe teen drivers

Teach Your Teen To Drive With GPS

Global Positioning Systems (GPS) have been used widely in all sorts of fields, but they’re really catching on in the auto industry. Of course, it isn’t really the auto manufacturers that are making the most…

wireless networking technology in automobiles

Cisco Wants To Network Your Car

Imagine driving a lighter vehicle that is network-connected. By that I mean your radio, your voice and audio controls, your GPS navigation, your back seat video viewer, and all of your digital in-car technology run…