This Week in Mobility Tech: The Push for Self-Driving Semi Trucks [VIDEO]

Push for Self-Driving Semi Trucks

This episode of our live weekly broadcast opens up with an update on the grounded Boeing 737 Max 8 and 9 planes that we reported on last week. Investigations are under way and the chances of this situation turning south for Boeing are highly likely. Early indicators suggest that the two recent crashes are related to autonomous safety features built into these planes, which leads me and my guest Ian Coburn to shift our conversation towards the push for self-driving semi trucks.

Coburn has a background in the trucking industry where he has provided corporate sales training for the last several years. In fact, Coburn has also published the book The Customer is Never Right [Buy on Amazon] which focuses on soft skills development for selling cars, trucks, buses, and parts.

During our conversation, Ian and I talk about the shortage of drivers in the trucking industry, and how not just autonomous driving features are of growing importance, but fully autonomous self-driving trucks.

Enjoy the conversation. Before Ian comes on I share some of my conversation with a Southwest pilot about the Boeing Max situation, whom I had the pleasure of sitting beside on a recent flight. A flight that was re-scheduled due to the grounded planes.

The video here starts at the 11-minute mark where Ian joins me, but you can rewind to watch the first few minutes if you like.

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