About AutoConverse

At AutoConverse we explore “future mobility and connectivity” through our blog, podcast, and live weekly broadcast. We meet with progressive minds to discuss ideas and technologies that influence how we are connected and how we get around.

The Editor 

Ryan Gerardi, AutoConverse.comRyan Gerardi is the Chief Editor and also Founder & CEO of AutoBurst Media, the Media, Advertising, and Technology firm that owns and operates this site.

Gerardi has been blogging since 2006 and has been pioneering ideas and technologies in new media since 1999.

From 2001-2007 he worked with a small software company called HomeNet that provided vehicle inventory and web solutions in the auto retail industry, which eventually sold to AutoTrader. This is where Gerardi became indoctrinated in the Automotive Industry.

From 2007-2012 he managed blogging and social media services for auto dealers which in 2010 led to the culmination of the original concept for AutoConverse, a member community that created an equal playing field for consumers and auto retailers to conduct business in a transparent manner.

At the time the site consisted of features eventually and now commonly seen today on Craigslist, Yelp, and Google+, but specifically for the purpose of shopping and owning a vehicle. After two years of prototyping the idea we reverted the site into what it is today, a simple blog, however since this time we have seen numerous entities and efforts attempt to achieve something similar.

The Vision – Surf Confidentially.TM

Gerardi believes that the time has come where the need for the original idea has not only ripened, but also evolved. As vehicle ownership models and mobility needs change right before our very eyes, going beyond just the automobile and our roads, consumer interest and demand are challenging businesses and commerce in new ways, opening the gates for more consumer-friendly resources that empower the consumer.

Additionally, privacy and anonymity will be of growing concern and interest for consumers, causing businesses and technology to bend in ways never seen before.

Because of this, AutoConverse is interested in and committed to being a pioneer in this accelerated state of advancement in our planet’s mobility, and beyond.

Our Authors

AC Jones with SurfboardAC Jones is a fictitious character created when AutoConverse was initially launched in 2010. He was designed to be the face and personality of AutoConverse which at the time was meant to connect vehicle owners and shoppers with auto dealers and merchants to aide in the process of buying and owning a vehicles. He is the associated author for select posts here on the blog and continues to be a representative of the brand for consumers.
Stacy JonesStacy Jo is a fictitious character that serves as our Beat Reporter. You will see her associated as the author to posts we make that are more like news reports.