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At we explore people, ideas, and technologies that influence HOW we are connected and the WAY we get around. From the automobile industry and technology to shared mobility, mobility-as-a-service, and public transportation, we cover it all. Subscribe to the blog, podcast, and our YouTube channel and tune in to our live weekly webcast - the MTC Show.

The MTC Show

The Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

Live weekly webcast with news, analysis, and opinions about how we are connected and the way we get around. Hosted by AutoConverse chief editor Ryan Gerardi, the MTC Show features special guest interviews, panel discussions, and debates and serves as the primary recording session for the AutoConverse podcast. Learn more...

AutoConverse Podcast

The AutoConverse Mobility Tech & Connectivity Podcast features weekly programming from the MTC Show and our various panel discussions throughout the month. Subscribe today...

AutoConverse Podcast Producer & Host Ryan Jeffrey Gerardi

Ryan Gerardi - Editor, Producer, Host

Your Chief Editor is Ryan Gerardi who is also Executive Producer of the MTC Show and AutoConverse Podcast. Gerardi has been blogging about the automotive industry since 2006 and began blogging about the "future of mobility" as early as 2008. But it wasn't until 2015 that AutoConverse as you know it today took root as a reliable destination for mobility and transportation. AutoConverse is a media product brought to you by Ryan's company - AutoConversion.

The Mission - Surf Confidentially. Shop Anonymously.TM

At AutoConverse we believe that privacy and anonymity will be of growing importance for consumers as technology and the information age evolve, and we are committed to being a pioneer in for helping people get around and be connected without being the product of Big Tech.

AC Jones with Surfboard

AC Jones - Virtual Concierge

AC Jones is a fictitious character created when AutoConverse was initially launched in 2010. He was designed to be the face and personality of AutoConverse which at the time was meant to connect vehicle owners and shoppers with auto dealers and merchants to aide in the process of buying and owning a vehicles. He is the associated author for select posts here on the blog and continues to be a representative of the brand for consumers.

Stacy Jo

Stacy Jo - AC Reporter Gal

Stacy Jo is a fictitious character that serves as our Beat Reporter. You will see her associated as the author to posts we make that are more like news reports.