Lewis Forman, Jim Johnson, Gray Scott on the MTC Show

LIVE WED DEC 2. Predictive Data, Video, and How OEMs Can Improve Marketing Efforts

This week on the MTC Show: Conversation with Jim Johnson from VDX.tv about how auto makers connect sales data to marketing exposures and leverage a data-driven strategy; US & Europe Lifting Bans on Boeing 737 MAX; SpaceX launches more Starlink satellites, delays commercial service; Volkswagen Boosts Investment in Electric and Autonomous Car Technology to $86 Billion; Tesla Launches World’s Largest Supercharger Station; California Proposition 24: New Rules for Consumer Data Privacy.

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Automotive Sales Pros on the MTC Show

LIVE WED NOV 18. Major Milestones for Tesla and SpaceX, Automotive Sales Talk: Supply, Demand, and Retention

In this episode of the MTC Show: SpaceX Sends First Astronauts to International Space Station; Tesla Being Added to the S&P 500; Walmart Teams Up with GM to Test Autonomous Deliveries; and Ford Investing $100M to Convert Kansas City Line to Build E-Transit Van. Plus…Automotive Sales Pros Discussion Panel with Mike Columbus, Joey Little, and Larry Olsen.

Family RV Camping: Bond with Your Loved Ones in New and Exciting Way 

This guest article contribution talks about all the reasons why family RV camping is fun and how to make the most of your time together: Pack all the essentials for a family camping trip; Bring a couple of luxuries on the road; Use this opportunity to be your kids’ teacher; Play some fun games; Prepare food together; capture precious family moments.

ATI Host Jay Wertzberger on the MTC Show

Mainstream Media Appoints Biden President; Plus Auto Dealers, Vendors, and the Consumer Experience [VIDEO]

This week on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show: General Services Administration (GSA) Responds to Biden Campaign: ‘Ascertainment Has Not yet Been Made’ on Power Transfer; Uber, Lyft Prevail to Keep California Workers Independent; Tesla Receives Massive New Order of Tesla Semi Electric Trucks; Virgin Hyperloop propels first human passengers in high-speed test; Virgin Galactic to launch first crewed test flight from New Mexico this month; and more…

Dave Rozek and Micah Birkholz on the MTC Show

Election Results, Big Tech Senate Hearing, Boeing Job Cuts [VIDEO]

This week on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show: 2020 Presidential Election Results; Facebook, Twitter and Google CEOs testify before the US Senate; Big Losses and Thousands of Job Cuts at Boeing; Snap Stock Soars 20% To New All-Time High On Earnings Beat And Massive User Growth; Why Short Form Mobile Video Producer Quibi Failed in Under 200 Days; and Instagram Pauses ‘Recent’ Search Listings on U.S. Site to Stop Fake Election News.

Used Cars Week on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

US Car Market Recovery, Shift and CarLotz go public, and where is Joe Biden? [VIDEO]

This week on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show: Used Car E-commerce Platform Shift Goes Public on Nasdaq; Used Car Consignment Store CarLotz to go public via merger; US Car Market on Path to Recovery; Tesla Third-Quarter Registrations In California Drop 13%: Report; Sweden’s New Car Carrier is the World’s Largest Wind-Powered Vessel and the Used Car Marketing Strategies Discussion Group.

Brian Allan from HyreCar on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

NADA Show to Go Virtual, HyreCar Partners with Midway Rental, and OEM Incentives for Fixed Ops Departments [VIDEO]

This week on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show: NADA Show 2021 to be Virtual; Waymo opens driverless robo-taxi service to the public in Phoenix; Introducing Amazon’s first custom electric delivery vehicle; HyreCar Partners with Rental Car Agency Midway; U.S. auto suppliers scramble to fill factory jobs; Plus…Interview with HyreCar SVP Brian Allan; And…Featured panel discussion on OEM incentives for fixed ops departments to service customer vehicles remotely.

Micah Birkholz on the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show

LIVE WED SEP 30. Consumer Focused Automotive Websites and Are Spotify Employees Going to Strike Over Joe Rogan?

In this live episode of the Mobility Tech & Connectivity Show: Recap of the first Presidential debate of 2020 with Donald J Trump and Joe Biden; Judge Temporarily Blocks Trump’s TikTok Ban; CarEdge launches consumer-focused website offering vehicle research, listings; plus…Automotive Consumer Experience discussion panel on third-party automotive sites.