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Use the links below to get started with the desired services. By doing so you will help support our endeavors and you will be rewarded for doing so, as well. Thank you.


Acorns us contemporary banking application that makes it simple and easy to spend, save, earn, and grow your portfolio and for your kin. We get rewarded in various ways by referring others like you.

Coinbase gives both parties $10 in BTC when you sign up using our referral link and buy or sell $100 in crypto. will give you and us $25 USD in CRO, their own cryptocurrency, when you sign up using our referral code (c33kjdgsxr).

Pipedrive is the CRM we use and they offer a 30-day free trial with our referral code and then we get rewards points that we can use with them for features and service. Check it out. Great software and we can help you with it, too.

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