AutoConversion - Ahead.AutoConversion is a Live Streaming Network that features a variety of B2B Programming. From these live streams we produce videos, podcasts, and blogs for AutoConversion.net and AutoConverse.com.

Our content is designed to be educational, enlightening, and entertaining for Business Professionals across several industries related to the Internet of Things (IoT), e.g. Mobility & Connectivity.

Brands can also benefit through our unique hybrid approach to conversational marketing, where we are able to help increase your exposure on the web, spark interest in your branded message, and ultimately drive demand for your product and company.

We do this through Multimedia Production, Marketing Education, and Sales Automation.

To learn more about the services we provide, visit www.autoburstmedia.com.

About the Founder & CEO

Ryan Gerardi, 2014

Ryan Gerardi, Circa 2014

The driving force behind AutoConversion is Ryan Gerardi.

In 2006, Gerardi began experimenting with blogging for business purposes with the launch of BlogPro Automotive. As COO of HomeNet, one of the fastest-growing Automotive SaaS companies at the time, this proved controversial, but within a year, the blog became the basis by which Gerardi would form AutoConversion, which at the time was to provide Blog Marketing and SEO for Auto Dealers.

In 2010, Gerardi introduced AutoConverse.com, which was initially designed to be a social commerce platform for auto shoppers, owners, and enthusiasts. The idea never took off and after 18 months, Gerardi sunset the concept. He then began working with startup firms such as HookLogic, SOCIALDEALER, and 3 Birds Marketing.

In 2015, Gerardi revived AutoConversion by joining forces with DealerRefresh where he began offering Sponsored Content Advertising. In 2017, Gerardi launched several new multimedia initiatives on DealerRefresh such as Refresh Friday and The DealerRefresh Roundtable. These  initiatives were like a sandbox for Gerardi, which ultimately led to the launch of the AutoConversion Streaming Media Network in 2018.

To connect with Ryan visit his LinkedIn profile. While there please also follow AutoConversion on LinkedIn.

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